Sam’s birth story

“Having a baby was never anything I had ever planned on doing.  So when I found myself ‘knocked up’ at 33, I was very surprised.  I remained in shock until about month eight of my pregnancy.  I did very little reading/ research.  I was scared that it would freak me out.  I figured not knowing anything might be a good birth plan.  Like, ‘stay calm till the end & I would just figure it out’ .  My sweet boyfriend, Mark, finally told me he thought that my plan wasn’t too great & he wanted to hire an expert to help us through the birth.  I resisted at first because of the cost, but I eventually admitted he was right & we found Devon online.  This was around two weeks before my daughter was born.

As soon as we contacted Devon, she came over to meet us.  We liked & trusted her right away.  She seemed smart, organized & calm.  She talked to us for hours, helped us figure out a birth plan & helped us to understand how things might go.  When she left the house, Mark & I were so much calmer about the whole thing.  My water broke at home on the full moon in November.  I was really scared and didn’t want to wake up anyone in the middle of the night (I know now this was stupid).  As soon as I texted Devon & the midwives I was able to calm down.  My real contractions started around noon.  I never imagined that they would be so crazy feeling.  Devon reminded me to keep my feet on the ground (I wanted to leave my body) & to drink water/ smoothie.  She let me know what was happening, as it was happening.  She was in my ear the whole time & she didn’t let me leave my body like I wanted to.  She was great about seeing when a certain position was or wasn’t working & she had me change positions quite often.  My sweet little baby was born at 2:00 pm and it was much easier/ better than I ever could have imagined.  I know I would have had Rosie without Devon, but it would have been with a C-section or epidural.  Her calm confidence in the situation was what got us through such a crazy experience with such joy & magic.  If you are considering Devon as your doula, just know it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

She is worth every penny.” 

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