Sandra, First Time Mother

“To our family Devon was so much more than a doula we found online. She supported my husband and I during pregnancy, quickly answering any and all questions we had. Her support was founded in current research and a wealth of experience. Her prenatal visits gave my husband and I invaluable knowledge and preparation for birth, and with that a sense of calm and peace. During labor, Devon was our anchor. She grounded my husband and I with emotional and physical support, as well as advocated for my needs. My husband especially valued Devon’s support during labor because it allowed him to be present for me as a partner and not have to be a birth expert. The hospital staff was incredibly complimentary of Devon and her ability to seamlessly integrate into the care team. I could not have had my ideal birth without Devon and she will always hold a special and integral place in my birth story. I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking for doula support!”

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