Hsinhsin, Second Time Mother

” I am a Taiwanese and moved to NC one year ago. I wished my parents could have come over here and helped me with my birth and postpartum. However, I had to cancel my parents’ flight tickets due to the precaution of COVID-19. I really needed VBAC to make myself recover more quickly so that I can take care of my older daughter who has sleeping problems and newborn during this pandemic time. Finally, I reached out to some doulas six weeks ago (34 weeks) at the last moment almost before my due date. I was so happy to talk with the doulas Devon and Joanne who shared the articles, videos and experience about VBAC. I had happy hours with Devon for the prenatal yoga and spinning babies exercise. I didn’t know if I would have a chance of VBAC or not but I wanted to try something interesting and make me happier.

“When I was 37 weeks and came back from the appointments with the midwife, I had contractions suddenly and felt VERY painful. I tried to figure out if it was uterus rupture. I was at home with my 2.5 yrs daughter and felt very nervous. I called my doula Devon and she felt something might happen fast and decided to visit me ASAP. Devon also called another doula Joanne who I didn’t signed any contract with her yet. Joanne drove to my house and knew that I might have no time to go to the DRH [hospital] to deliver my baby because my water bag was broken and she saw my baby’s head almost. Devon drove her van and Joanne helped me and gave me instructions for labor. Finally I delivered my baby boy on Devon’s van four miles before we arrived at DHR. The staffs in DRH are very helpful! Devon stayed with me and my baby at the first night. She was VERY thoughtful and kind to my baby and me. I can’t have a happy birth if I don’t have Devon. She took care of me, prepared the meals and taught me how to be relaxed with my newborn! I appreciated it even it was not what I expected. It was definitely a VBAC!”

I (Devon) would like to add that we talked with the health care providers as soon as we arrived at her home, and they recommended that we drive to the hospital with Hsinhsin, which is why she was in my car when the baby was born. There were no alarming signs that she was in trouble in any way, only having a very rapid labor that required quick thinking & action.

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