Erica, Second Time Mother

“We went back and forth about having a doula for our second birth, having not had one for our first, we were not convinced it was necessary; we are beyond happy that we chose to!  Devon is the reason my birth, which by all accounts would be considered scary and out of control, was the most empowering and magical moment of my life.  Devon helped us through a precipitous delivery on the side of the highway.  Her calming presence and knowledge of the situation made what could have been a very overwhelming experience, beautiful.  She guided both my husband and I so lovingly throughout the entire experience and my baby boy came into the world as peacefully as one can on the side of the roadHaving Devon as our doula was quite literally the best decision we have ever made.  She was an excellent resource throughout the pregnancy and afterwards.  When we were taken to the hospital (departing from our birth center plan), she was an advocate for me and our baby, making sure we were well taken care of and heard.  We are so incredibly thankful for Devon.  She helped me birth with dignity and grace in the most unlikely of situations.  She started out as our doula and ended up as part of our family.” 

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