Anna & J.R. First Time Parents

“When we found out we were pregnant with our first child, we knew that we wanted to be at a birthing center and that we wanted to have an unmedicated birth. Navigating the waters as first-time parents, we both felt that the support and knowledge of a doula would help us journey through labor and birth confidently. Devon gave us not only the encouragement we needed, but kept us grounded, empowered, and comforted from the last months of pregnancy through the first weeks at home. Her gentle spirit mixed with a deep knowledge of her craft was exactly what we were hoping for. Towards the end of our pregnancy, the pandemic started and began to change the way we thought the last months would go. Devon went above and beyond our expectations to accommodate us – checking in regularly, staying informed, finding ways for us to meet safely and providing a calming energy during what was an incredibly anxious time. Devon took the time to learn how to best support each of us individually and as a unit. We started at a birth center and unexpectedly transferred to a hospital. Due to the pandemic, Devon wasn’t able to come with us to the hospital, but her presence was felt the entire time. She stayed in constant communication and was able to guide and support each of us as we continued through labor and delivery. Even after arriving home, Devon continued to provide wisdom and encouragement that were so valuable for us both. Having Devon by our side was a key part of what has allowed us to look back on our birth experience with gratitude. We cannot express enough what an integral part of our birth team she was. Devon is Awesome!

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