Eric, Father of One

“We met with Devon a number of times before our son was born.  Our initial interview with her went really well and we loved her personality and professional demeanor.  She was incredibly helpful in getting us ready for laboring and showed us a ton of great stretches and other such moves to relieve a lot of the sore muscles associated with pregnancy.  She also taught us some Spinning Babies™ techniques to make sure the baby was in the best position possible for a simple birth.  Devon was on call for us for a few weeks and when the time came for me to call it was indeed 3AM and she had no problem with talking to me about the beginning of our labor.  We continued to labor at home for a number of exhausting hours.  Devon met us at the birth center and she was such an incredible help.  I’d been in charge of all the massaging and soothing of my wife since 11PM the previous day so I was happy to have her step in and give me a break.  Throughout our time at Baby+Co Devon provided great suggestions for ways to speed up the labor and keep things going as well as pain relief and coping techniques.  I never once felt like I was left out or the loop or that I’d been replaced by Devon.  After the delivery she helped my wife establish the first latch for breast feeding and got us started on our postpartum journey.  

I don’t know how people give birth without doulas.  We had originally thought that we wouldn’t need a doula because we’d be giving birth at a birth center with the help of midwives.  The truth is the midwives kinda leave you to your own devices and your own education for ways to cope with what’s happening to and around you.  Devon’s experience proved to be invaluable and I would recommend her to anyone who is thinking of having a baby – and I’ve already recommended her to friends who are expecting.  If we were to have another child I’d hire Devon in a heartbeat.”

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