Nicole, Mother of One

Our experience with Devon was nothing short of wonderfulFrom the very first meeting we knew she was the doula we wanted to be present during the birth of our little boy.  It was important to me in interviewing potential candidates that they value the teamwork present between partners.  We hired a doula not because we felt we needed more support but instead to enhance the support and relationships already presentDevon exemplified this.  She is a wealth of knowledge and we very much enjoyed her ideas such as Spinning Babies techniques and ways to be prepared for the birth.  Her presence during the birth was magical.  She seamlessly entered into the hospital room and my husband will say now, relief washed over him.  She remembered all of our wishes and presented as the calm and encouraging expert we had hoped for.  I cannot say enough about Devon.  She was the light that guided our birthing journey (before AND after the birth).  She advocated for us when we needed, and stepped back when the time came for special new family moments.  The highest compliment I am sure is that if and when we are hiring a doula again, we will hire her!”    

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