Maylene, First Time Mother

“Where do I begin? First, let me preface this by saying that I’m a critical care nurse, and even though hospitals and blood etc don’t make me uncomfortable, I knew I wanted a doula because of all the positive outcomes associated with doula assisted births. My husband and I are kind of new to NC, we don’t have family or any of our life long friends here for support so we knew that a doula was something we needed. Prior to meeting Devon, we miscarried and unexpectedly got pregnant right away. The wounds were fresh and I was terrified of pregnancy. We met Devon and she made my husband feel really comfortable about inviting this unknown person to a very intimate and frightening experience. Devon was awesome throughout my pregnancy, helping with all kinds of techniques and hands on adjustments to help me deal with the aches and strains of pregnancy. She was also a great resource for my husband… then came labor. I’ll spare you the details but I was high risk and we knew having a natural child birth was risky. I didn’t get the glorious natural childbirth I wanted, but Devon did something else for me that was absolutely priceless. There were moments in my long labor that I was distraught and she was able to give my husband the tools he needed to provide me with the support I badly needed. In the most challenging moments, her guidance allowed him to give me a genuine comfort that I had never experienced from him. I didn’t just fall in love with my newborn son that day. I fell in love with my husband again and I wholeheartedly thank Devon for the gift she gave us. I can never thank her enough for what she has done for my marriage. She’s an amazing doula, and you would be crazy to choose anyone else.”

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