Birth Doula Support

Applying pressure to her lower back while she labors in the birth tub with her partner
Applying pressure to her lower back while she labors in the birth tub with her partner

Birth Doula Support: Overview


Birth Doula

Basic Package Includes:

  • Two in-home Prenatal Meetings
  • Support throughout entire active labor & birth
  • Two to three hours Post Birth Support
  • One in-home Postpartum Meeting
  • Text/ email/ phone support throughout pregnancy
  • $1,475 total fee
  • “Locals Discount” within 15 miles of my home in Pittsboro, and birthing at UNC Chapel Hill: $75 discount

Leda & me (2)Birth Doula + TENS Unit Rental

Interested in using a TENS Unit?  For my clients, I supply the TENS Unit rental & your personal reusable pads for $25, =  $1,500 total.

Prenatal Yoga

I offer private in-home prenatal yoga classes for individuals or a small group of your pregnant friends!  $85 per class.  Often the class is directly before or after our prenatal meeting.  If the class is independent from our meeting, it is $100.


Birth Doula Support: Details


Two Prenatal Visits:

  • Two three to four-hour prenatal visits, preferably at your home, as it’s likely that I will come to your home during the beginning of active labor
  • Help in researching & creating your Birth Plan, including evidence based information
  • Discussion of pregnancy, birth, infant feeding & care related options, questions, thoughts, concerns & passions
  • Getting to know your Birth Team (optional).  Your Birth Team can include your partner, sister, mother, friend, etc, all/or none of the above.  I will support & work with your team to help create your optimal birth experience
  • Unlimited phone, text, email availability between the hours of 8am- 10pm until 38 weeks, including many resources & information that I have to share
  • Beginning two weeks before your due date, until the baby(ies) is born, unlimited phone/ text/ email availability 24/7
  • On call for you 24/7.  I will come to you at your home, or to the hospital/ birth center once labor has started.  Please allow for 1.5 to 2 hours for my arrival, depending on how far apart we live
  • My trusted backup Doulas in the Triangle Doula Collective (whom you can meet at one of our “meet the backups” meetings) will be available if, for some rare reason, I am unavailable at the time of your birth (ie: sick; or attending another birth)


Early Labor:
  • Unlimited phone, text, email support
  • Support in your home, if you wish
  • Knowledgeable, comforting, patient support
  • Help in assessing the stages of labor– what is early labor vs active labor
  • Suggestions on positions, comfort measures, distraction ideas, ways to keep labor progressing, gentle reminders to nourish, hydrate, & rest
  • Active, compassionate listening
  • Help in normalizing the birth process with explanations of what is happening
  • Support for your birth partner, observing how s/he best supports you, suggestions for ways to help, explaining what is happening, creating confidence, & strengthening the bond between the two of you
Active Labor, Transition & Birth:

Active labor begins around 6 cm dilation.  Contractions become consistently longer and stronger and are consistently closer together.  At this point I’ll come to you wherever you are, and provide
all of the support I offer in early labor, plus

  • Continuous physical & emotional support for the Birthing Person & the Birth Team, both at your home (if time allows), and at the hospital/ birth center.
  • Suggestions for position changes, & use of different strategies to optimize the baby moving down efficiently
  • While other nurses or doctors may change shifts, I will remain consistently present throughout, maintaining a continuous  source of grounding, encouraging energy
  • Reminders of your Birth Plan, help in keeping on that path
  • Help in knowing when to ask questions about intervention options/ needs, & when to advocate for you
  • Encouraging support for the Birth Team– helping them know how to be the best support they can be for you, as well as giving them a break to tend to their own needs, knowing you are still supported
  • Massage, acupressure, counter-pressure, use of hot & cold compresses, water (tub or shower), going for a walk, Spinning Babies techniques
  • Help in discovering & maintaining your birth rhythm
  • Calming, soothing touch & talk
  • Taking photographs with a camera you provide (optional)
  • Any other assistance needed in achieving your optimal birth


Immediately Following Birth:
  • I will remain at the birth site for two to three hours after birth to continue with comfort measures
  • Ensure that breastfeeding is established (if that is your plan)
  • Ensure that all is well & that everyone is settling in, homeostasis is established
  • Take photographs, again with your camera (optional)
  • and, of course, celebrate with you the birth of your babe(s)!
At Home Postpartum Visit:

At a mutually determined date , I will come to your home for a postpartum visit, to:

  • Check in on breast/ bottle feeding
  • Check in on how you’re healing
  • Discuss & process your birth story
  • Answer questions/ discuss infant care
  • Connect you with any resources you feel would be helpful/ necessary


The total base cost of my services listed above is $1,475.  A deposit of $700 is due upon signing the contract to reserve your birth window on my calendar.  The rest is due at 37 weeks.

If my attendance at labor & birth is greater than 30 hours, there is a $25/hour charge for each hour after the 30 hour point and ending at the time of birth, and not including the hours postpartum.  Payable at the postpartum visit.  This is rare.

I rent TENS Units for your birthing time for $25.  You’ll receive the TENS Unit at the second prenatal meeting so that you can begin to use it during early labor.  We’ll discuss proper use during our meeting so you’re ready when the day comes.

Check out my Availability Calendar to see if I’m available during your birth window – two weeks before & two weeks after your estimated due date.

*I believe that every mother/ birthing person deserves a doula who wishes to have one.  If the cost of my services is truly out of your price range, I am willing to work with you on a payment plan, sliding scale or possibly even a barter system.  Please be in touch to discuss this in more depth.  You may also consider asking for contributions toward doula services at your baby shower!  What a great gift!

Gift certificates are available for a loved one/ friend/ co-worker.  Because, do they really need that extra onsie or pair of baby booties?  Nooo!  They need a Birth Doula!  (I know, onsies & baby booties are fun, too.)

There are many insurance companies who are now covering Doula Support.  Check with your insurance company.  I can provide an invoice for you to submit for reimbursement.

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