Carrie, First Time Mother

“Devon served as our doula for the birth of my daughter in May 2017. Devon was absolutely wonderful and I’m so glad we chose to work with her!

Prior to our due date, Devon met with us for an extensive session covering all the important topics: pre-birth exercises, our birth plan, preparation for labor, etc. I was impressed with how thorough she was in covering so many topics. She was very careful to gain full understanding of our preferences for the labor and delivery and to identify ways she could support us at every turn.

On the evening of our birth, Devon met us at the hospital and sprang right into action, supporting and encouraging me through the whole birth process. Devon brings an incredible sense of calm and peace to the process; the medical staff at the hospital does not have the bandwidth to provide continuous emotional support to laboring mothers, so I was very glad to have Devon present. She was a very reassuring presence, stood by me steadfastly throughout my labor, and had the right words to say during some of the more intense moments. I am thrilled to say I was able to deliver my daughter without IV pain mediation or epidural and I honestly do not think this would have been possible without Devon there to guide me through the process and help me figure out how to work with my body during contractions and pushing.

Devon was also amazing in providing support and encouragement to my husband. She gave him gentle guidance on how to remain involved during my labor and she was always by my side when he needed a moment to step out or to rest.

I am incredibly grateful to Devon and so glad that she is a part of our birth story. Hiring her was easily one of the best decisions we made in the whole pregnancy/birth preparation process. I’ll be forever grateful to her!”

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