Gretchen, Mother of One

“We had an amazing experience with Devon!  From our home visits, communication throughout pregnancy, labor, and postpartum, Devon was fully engaged and supportive the entire time.  My partner and I learned so much from the two home visits with Devon.  She gave us the skills, tools, and confidence heading into labor.  This helped lower our anxiety, prepare my partner for supporting me through labor, and gave me lots of time to practice comfort techniques and labor positions.  I am a planner by nature and even though you can’t plan your ideal labor and delivery, I really appreciated that Devon tried to prepare us for all that could happen during labor while also staying positive and supportive of our birth plan.  I felt prepared for all the curveballs that could have come our way.  As a first-time mom and dealing with the unknown, Devon eased our worries and helped build our confidence.  I was excited heading into the labor instead of anxious or worried.

The minute that Devon met us at the birth center I felt instantly calm and relaxed knowing that Devon was there to support me through the birth experience.  Devon was gentle, positive, continued to build my confidence throughout the pushing stage, and helped me listen to my body’s needs.  She kept reminding me that everyone was there to support me which really helped me feel like I was part of a team rather than laboring all on my own.  I wanted an unmedicated labor and with Devon’s preparation beforehand and encouragement during labor I was able to have my ideal birth experience.  She stayed for several hours after delivery to support breastfeeding, love on our baby, and help me ease into recovery.  Devon’s follow up visit two weeks after delivery was wonderful.  She helped me practice additional breastfeeding positions and gave us recommendations on how to prepare for the coming weeks.

I’m so thankful for Devon’s support and I cannot recommend her enough!”

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