Jo, First Time Mother

Devon was awesome, and exactly what we needed.  My husband and I had no idea what to expect from our first birth, so the prenatal visits were critical for us.  Devon provided detailed info on what my body would be going through, and specific things we could be doing to prepare for laboring at home, and at the hospital.  As engineers, we really benefited from the high level of detail and knowledge she provided; it was exactly what we needed to go into the birth without fear or questions.  We had read books to prepare, but nothing compares to having someone there with you who already has all the knowledge, tricks, and a great background of experience right there with you as you’re going through it.
I would not have been able to give birth drug-free if I hadn’t had both Devon and my husband there.  They worked together as an amazing team; Devon was a calm spot during the entire experience, telling us when to rest, when to eat, and suggesting changes in position or massage that helped move the birth along and ease my stress and discomfort.  I will definitely use Devon again, and highly, highly recommend her to anyone looking for support during birth.
Devon, thank you so much for everything you did for us.  You touched our lives in an immensely positive way and we will never forget our experience.”

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