Chelsy, Mother of One

The first time I spoke with Devon I immediately felt comfortable with her. My husband and I met Devon in-person that weekend to ask questions and to feel out the ‘vibe’. She was so professional and personable we didn’t meet with any other doulas.

We had two in-homes with Devon where she was always responsive, timely, and prepared with conversation driving questions. Devon offered advice including techniques to help throughout pregnancy (stretches, comfort measures, spinning babies techniques) and ideas to help prepare both mentally/ physically for the challenges that lay ahead. Meeting with Devon was always natural and comfortable, she listened, gave advice, and sent thoughtful and thorough follow up messages with helpful resources.

Naturally this same level of experience and connectedness was present when it came time for delivery! My husband and I used the techniques we learned while we labored at home during the early stages. Devon later met us at the birth center where she was a mental and physical coach by encouraging throughout. She reminded me to stay present in breathing through contractions and to try different positions to ease the pain. She also encouraged my husband’s involvement – never once putting him out of the situation, but tagging in when she saw he was tiring (and even as they worked together to support me). After the baby was born Devon took notes and a few photos for us, and she even helped my son and I with our first breastfeeding latch. A few days after we had settled in Devon came for a home visit where she again helped us transition into this new world with baby.

It’s difficult to put into words the level of support that Devon brought to our experience. I sincerely cannot imagine going through childbirth without her help and I recommended Devon to anyone expecting a child! I feel fortunate to have the experience we shared as I feel we developed a friendship!

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