Jinger & Josh, First Time Parents

Devon is an amazing doula and was an excellent resource for my husband and I. She guided us in building our birth plan, demonstrated spinning babies techniques and acupressure points which gave us more confidence when I went into labor.

I went through my 3rd trimester during the beginning of COVID-19, right when policies were changing at the hospital. Her knowledge of what to expect at the hospital was very helpful since we were not able to attend any classes or take a tour of the maternity ward at UNC Women’s Hospital. Devon was unable to join my husband and I during labor, however she was available through cell phone and video conferencing. The preparation time with Devon was very thorough before going to the hospital so when it was ‘go time’ we felt fully ready.

After we got home with our daughter, Devon made a postpartum visit and gave us helpful tips on breastfeeding and my recovery process.

I would highly recommend Devon for anyone who is pregnant and looking for guidance through this incredible journey to bring their little one into the world.”

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