Shasta, First Time Mother

“After switching to midwifery care more than halfway through my pregnancy, I knew that hiring a doula was going to be essential to allay my fears and support me through my daughter’s birth. From the very first meeting, my partner and I knew that Devon was the right doula for us because she was very receptive to our ideas and possesses both a professional and calm demeanor. During our prenatal visits, Devon took the time to listen to my anxieties and provided both an empathetic ear and helpful insight to work through my anxiety. She also helped my partner with ways to support me through those last few weeks and make me more comfortable and prepared for birth.

I was able to approach birth with an open mind and open heart having worked with Devon. Though we planned for an unmedicated, vaginal birth at a birth center, my daughter and I had an unforeseen complication that required an emergency c-section and a subsequent 5-week NICU stay. The night I went into labor was very scary, and the first person I called was Devon. She supported my decision to go to my local hospital and met us there very quickly. She helped advocate for me when I insisted for an ultrasound and then provided immeasurable support to my partner when I was in the OR and our daughter was being resuscitated. Since we don’t have family nearby, Devon was absolutely critical during this difficult and emotional ordeal. My partner attributes his stability during that time to Devon.

Since we had such a difficult and different kind of birth, Devon took the time to visit me in the hospital during my recovery and stayed in touch throughout my daughter’s NICU stay. That is above and beyond what I would expect from a doula, but Devon is just that kind of wonderful human. I am so glad that she was part of our birth experience and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for doula support.”

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