Kathryn, First Time Mother

“When we found out we were pregnant with our first child, we knew we wanted a doula to help us through the process. Both my husband and I are engineers and make sure to collect as much data and do as much research as possible before making any important decision. Devon stood out to us because of her organization and overall knowledge of the birth process. She was also very easy to get along with which was important to me because of how tense the process could be. She met with us several times before the birth to talk through coping strategies and how we wanted the birth to go. She spent hours with us and allowed us to keep some of the aides she brought to help us improve our knowledge about labor and delivery. On the day of she was extremely helpful and stayed with us for 30 hours while our baby girl was born. She took shifts with my husband to allow him to rest during the long labor. She was a calming force in the labor and delivery room and helped make the birth an amazing experience. She meticulously watched the monitors, explained processes as they were happening, and called in the nurses when they were needed. She suggested positions to help with the pain and me sure I drank water and ate to keep my strength up. Devon’s postpartum visit a few days after birth lasted several hours where she talked through my healing and helped with strategies to soothe baby. Devon is someone I have recommended to friends and would use again for any subsequent births.”

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