Amanda, first time mother

I truly can't recommend Devon enough - I wish everyone could work with her during their pregnancy! This was my first pregnancy, and my husband and I thought we knew what to expect and did a lot of reading, but our two prenatal meetings with Devon were eye-opening and taught us so much about what to expect, what kinds of choices we had, things to do to prepare that we had never thought of, and just gave us so much reassurance. After the second meeting, my husband said he couldn't imagine doing this without her! In addition, Devon checked in with me regularly to see how I was doing, feeling, and if there was anything she could assist with in the meanwhile. She always provided a calming and helpful hand.

Fast-forward to labor, and Devon was a blessing. She was reassuring by text and on the phone ahead of time before we knew it was the ‘real deal’, and met us at the hospital at 1:30am. Throughout my 33 hours of labor, Devon was again reassuring, calming, kind, supportive, provided so much physical relief, and was an incredible advocate every step an minute of the way. She had my back – both literally and figuratively – throughout the long labor, and even my mother of 3 said she can’t imagine people doing this without her! While my labor didn’t go according to ‘plan’, I knew what to expect and how to make the right choices for my family since Devon had discussed with us how to change course if and when we needed to .

During our postpartum meeting, she was again a font of knowledge and resources, and provided so much emotional and mental support, as well as guidance for physical recovery. I wish everyone could work with Devon, and will without a doubt seek her out again if we decide to have another child.”

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