Kaitlin, Third Time Mother

As I neared the end of my third pregnancy, I knew that this would be my last chance to have the unmedicated birth that I had been hoping for since the beginning. When I met Devon, I believed that she could provide the expertise, support, and skill set that I needed to be able to finally have the childbirth experience that I wanted. And I was right!

Devon far and away exceeded our expectations. She took the time to get to know me and my husband and provided hands on learning opportunities during our two prenatal home visits. I never felt rushed with her. She responded to all of my texts and phone calls promptly and gave thoughtful answers. She readily shared information based on her experiences while at the same time giving me complete freedom to do what I needed to do.

From early labor at home through the delivery of my baby girl, Devon was a rock star. She reminded me about what was important to me, based on what I had shared in our prior conversations. She normalized the experience for my husband and made him feel comfortable. She made countless helpful suggestions and provided continuous physical support with a variety of position changes throughout the process of labor. She did an excellent job of partnering with the hospital staff and being on the same team with them. And she helped to advocate for me so that I could keep my baby as close to me as possible after birth. I had her undivided attention and energy at all times. Devon was calm, steadfast, and strong throughout the entire process. 

As a third time mom, I wasn’t sure I needed a postpartum visit. But, once again, the time I spent with Devon was so valuable. She taught me (finally) how to use a Moby wrap. She also taught me strategies to help me and my daughter get some much needed sleep. I am confident that I never could have had an unmedicated birth without Devon’s assistance. She gave me that gift and my husband and I are grateful.” 

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