Leda, Third Time Mother

“When I found out I was pregnant with my third child, my first emotion was fear.  My first two births were experiences where my husband and I felt so unsupported and uncared for.  Then, by a chance meeting, I met Devon.  As soon as we started speaking I felt that this woman was going to change my life.  I had never had a doula for my first two pregnancies but knew a doula could help fill the void of what I had needed and desired.  The prenatal visits we had with Devon helped create a relationship built on trust, caring, knowledge and compassion. I had new health issues come up during my pregnancy and Devon was such a fantastic sounding board and resource. I went into my labor and delivery knowing Devon would help create an improved experience, but not until labor started did I realize she was going to be our rock. 

Devon was by my side while we worked together at home to get my labor more regular and consistentShe was right by my side with an amazing massage during my contractions that allowed such a release afterwards.  Devon was such an amazing support to not only myself, but to my husband and entire family.  When we made the transition to the hospital I was so fortunate to have an amazing team that took care of me. My nurse and midwife were in and out of the room, but Devon stayed right with me and my husband.  She was able to read my needs and gave me motivation and guidance when I needed it, but also space and quiet when my body called for that.  The time right before the delivery and the delivery itself was beyond empowering.  My third baby was born without any medical interventions or pain management and he was my biggest baby by almost a pound. I credit that to not only my amazing support team, but mostly to Devon for helping me find my inner strength and helping me listen to my body.  

Now, anytime I meet a pregnant woman, I ask if they have a doula.  If they don’t, I highly recommend one.  And if they leave near me, I give them Devon’s information.  I am so grateful she came into my life and helped me have the birth I had always wanted for my final child.”

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