Anne & Rusty, First Time Parents

“My husband and I met Devon towards the end of our pregnancy (8th month). We had no idea that I would be admitted into the hospital the following week with Preeclampsia. We were told our baby had to be delivered immediately. I was very sick and scared – this was not a part of our birth plan! Devon was by our side throughout the entire experience and gave full support to myself and to my husband. Her thoughtfulness, kindness, calming techniques and overall support were so important to me & I know it made a huge difference for myself & my family during this difficult time. She gave me confidence I didn’t think I had when it comes to managing pain and was encouraging me throughout my labor. She was my advocate and I am so thankful we chose Devon as our doula. She was so helpful after we all came home from the hospital with breastfeeding tips and we have been successful at it ever since. Our baby boy is now four months old! Devon is simply amazing.”

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