Andrew, First Time Father

“As the (at the time, to-be) father, I must admit that I was a bit skeptical of getting a doula. But my wife researched it and it brought her a great sense of comfort. After some research, we hired Devon and it was the best decision we made during the pregnancy.

My wife and I both appreciated that Devon was explicit in what she would do with us – two prenatal visits, the birth, a postpartum visit, and unlimited communication between us and her.

During the prenatal visits, my wife and I learned several stretches that helped her body prepare for birth. We spoke to Devon about what our concerns were, about the birth plan, and more. It really helped us to feel prepared for what we were going into. I was also convinced that in the heat of the moment, I would forget something, and Devon knowing our plan was a bit of insurance to make sure I didn’t.

Devon was there at our labor right as we needed her. Through the labor, she and I worked together to ease my wife through the laboring process. My wife swears by Devon’s hip squeeze, and my wife was able to have her ‘plan A’ labor.

After that, the postpartum meeting was incredibly useful as well. At that point, you are stressed, learning how to interact with your baby, and just tired. Devon taught us some techniques that over night made our interaction with our child easier. We’re getting more sleep, he’s less fussy, and its a more efficient household already.

Devon is worth every penny. Even the hospital staff took us aside afterwards to say how impressed they were with her. I can’t believe how well everything went, and we know her guidance, support and care are a huge part of that.”

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