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Special thanks to my Birth Doula & Friend, Elizabeth, to my sister, Lesley and several of my clients 

 for many of the images, as well as the video by Amanda Ditzel- Photography that are featured on this site. 

The total cost of my services listed above is $750.  A deposit of $375 is due upon signing the contract so that I may reserve your birth window on my calendar.  The rest is due at 38 weeks.  More information can be found in my contract

*I believe that every mother deserves a doula who wishes to have one.  If the cost of my services is truly out of your price range, I am willing to work with you on a payment plan, sliding scale or possibly even a barter system.  Please be in touch to discuss this in more depth.  You may also consider asking for contributions toward doula services at your baby shower!  What a great gift!  

  • I will remain at the birth site for two hours after birth to continue with comfort measures 
  • Ensure that breastfeeding is established (if that is your choice) 
  • Ensure that all is well & that everyone is settling in
  • Take photographs, again with your camera (optional)
  • and, of course, celebrate with you the birth of your babe(s)!


Initial Visit:

At Home Postpartum Visit:


Two Prenatal Visits:

  • Two two-hour prenatal visits, preferably one at your home, as it's likely that I will come to your home during the beginning of active labor
  • Help in researching & creating your Birth Plan, including evidence based information 
  • Discussion of pregnancy, birth, infant feeding & care related options, questions, thoughts, concerns & passions
  • Getting to know your Birth Team (optional).  Your Birth Team can include your partner, sister, mother, friend, all/ none of the above.  I will support & work with your team to help create your optimal birth experience
  • Attending one of yourprenatal visits to your health care provider (optional) for the same purpose as above
  • Unlimited phone, text, email availability between the hours of 7 am- 11 pm until 38 weeks 
  • Beginning two weeks before your due date, until the baby is born, unlimited phone/ text/ email availability 24/7
  • On call for you 24/7.  I will come to you at your home, or to the hospital/ birth center once labor has started.  Please allow for 1- 1.5 hours for my arrival, depending on how far apart we live  
  • My trusted backup Doulas (whom you can meet at one of our "meet the backups" meetings) will be available if, for some rare reason, I am unavailable at the time of your birth (ie: sick; or attending another birth)

"I was immediately put at ease, and even after this initial visit I felt more confident about my ability to give birth"

I support you in your home during the early part of active labor, allowing you to labor in the comfort of your home for a longer time before transferring to the hospital or birth center.

  • Complimentary "Meet & Greet" visit to establish a working relationship, and see if we're a good fit.
  • Meet at a mutually convenient place around or near Chapel Hill, NC.

"I have many wonderful memories and would even describe much of the experience as fun! "

Active Labor, Transition & Birth:

Active labor begins at 3 to 4 cm dilation.  Contractions become consistently longer and stronger and are consistently closer together.  At this point I'll come to you wherever you are, and provide
all of the support I offer in early labor, plus

  • Continuous physical & emotional support for Mama & the Birth Team, both at your home, and at the hospital/ birth center. 
  • Suggestions for position changes to optimize the baby moving down efficiently 
  • While other nurses or doctors may change shifts, I will remain consistently present throughout, maintaining a continuous  source of grounding, encouraging energy
  • Reminders of your Birth Plan, help in keeping on that track 
  • Help in knowing when to ask questions about intervention options/ needs, & when to advocate for you
  • Encouraging support for the Birth Team- helping them know how to be the best support they can be for you, as well as giving them a break to tend to their own needs, knowing you are still supported
  • Massage, acupressure, counter-pressure, use of hot & cold compresses, water (tub or shower), going for a walk...
  • Help in discovering & maintaining your birth rhythm
  • Calming, soothing touch & talk
  • Taking photographs with a camera you provide (optional)
  • Any other assistance needed in achieving your optimal birth


Early Labor:

  • Unlimited phone, text, email support
  • Support in your home, if you wish 
  • Knowledgeable, comforting, patient support  
  • Help in assessing the stages of labor- what is early labor vs active labor
  • Suggestions on positions, comfort measures, distraction ideas, ways to keep labor progressing, gentle reminders to nourish, hydrate, & rest 
  • Active, compassionate listening
  • Help in normalizing the birth process with explanations of what is happening
  • Support for your birth partner, observing how s/he best supports you, suggestions for ways to help, explaining what is happening, creating confidence, & strengthening the bond between the two of you


Immediately Following Birth:

At a mutually determined date, I will come to your home for a postpartum visit, to:

  • Check in on breastfeeding (if applicable)
  • Discuss the birth story
  • Answer questions/ discuss infant care
  • Connect you with any resources you feel would be helpful/ necessary

My Birth Doula Services