Special thanks to my Birth Doula & Friend, Elizabeth, to my sister, Lesley and several of my clients 

 for many of the images, as well as the video by Amanda Ditzel- Photography that are featured on this site. 


Pregnancy is a finite amount of time in your life (though sometimes it may feel like it will last forever, I promise you, it won't!).  Creating a belly cast is a beautiful way to honor your body's amazing transformation while growing your baby(ies). 

Most of the time it is done at some point during the last trimester.  It can be done privately in your home, or during a blessing way or baby shower (depending upon your comfort level with the participants!).  It's fun (& helpful) to have your partner, &/or a few girlfriends be a part of the process, as the materials tend to dry rather quickly and it needs to be completed in a short amount of time. 

Some women choose to only make a cast of their bellies, while others include their breasts, one or both shoulders, one or both hands, and even some of their legs.  After the belly cast is set and fully dried, it can be left raw, or painted &/or decorated with whatever you're inspired to do, the sky is the limit! 

I provide the materials needed to do the casting, and assist in creating the cast.  I do not do the decorating or painting of your belly cast, that's where your personal creativity comes in!  If you wish, you can check out the many inspiring ways to decorate a belly cast on Pinterest, or online.   

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