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Special thanks to my Birth Doula & Friend, Elizabeth, to my sister, Lesley and several of my clients 

 for many of the images, as well as the video by Amanda Ditzel- Photography that are featured on this site. 

The double hip squeeze was just what this mama needed to feel better during contractions.  Luckily, I was able to get into a good position to give her full support, even while she was in the birth tub.

In December 2013, I trained to be a Birth Doula through DONA International.  I feel a profound calling to work with women, to create a dialogue leading to informed, thoughtful choices, & support you in exploring your unique path on your journey into motherhood.  Using evidenced based information in exploring your childbirth options & creating your birth plan before labor begins can be empowering during the labor process. 

I have attended many births in various settings in the NC Triangle:

  • Duke Regional

  • UNC Hospital

  • Women's Birth & Wellness Center
  • Baby+Co

  • Midwife-Attended Homebirth. 

I have experience working with women who have given birth:

  • Without medicine

  • Using Nitrous Oxide, or Epidural pain relief

  • With Pitocin for augmentation, & induction

  • By Cesarean Section

  • To twins vaginally

  • In a Birth Tub (water birth)

I will soon be offering Prenatal Yoga classes, both private and in local movement studios.  I have been practicing yoga for 20 years and believe in its powerful healing effects.  I am excited to fold it into my doula practice.  Look for where my classes will be offered near Pittsboro, NC coming soon...

For ten years, I have been a stay at home mom of two daughters, two dogs, cats, a small flock of backyard chickens, & gardens.  Both of our girls were born at the Women's Birth and Wellness Center in Chapel Hill, NC with much of each labor spent at our home, nestled in the woods.  I was surrounded by supportive, nurturing family and friend(s) for each birth and feel blessed to have had such powerful, beautiful experiences. 

Though both births were an extraordinary rite of passage in their own way, I have always wished that we had hired a Doula for the birth of our first daughter.  I had done so much reading, researching, attending of birth classes, and was going to be working with midwives & have my husband, mother, sister, & friend there, so I assumed that I didn't "need" a Doula.  I now believe that my experience could have been enhanced (shorter, less exhausting, shortened pushing time) by hiring a Doula, someone who KNEW birth & its stages & had lots of tricks up her sleeve to get things moving!  I had a Doula with me for the birth of my second daughter & have always been grateful for her presence & support- both physical & emotional.

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